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SCAAN is a digital platform and mobile application designed to provide more efficient communications and assistance to field staff during a crisis.

How SCAAN works

  • Live dashboard provides global overview of current security situation
  • Staff send and receive real-time alerts directly via the SCAAN mobile app
  • Security personnel provide incident updates and take action to respond
  • Live analysis of security incidents to identify emerging global trends and threats


Key Features

Emergency Panic Button
Digital headcounts and status updates
Geolocalized real-time security alerts
Direct communication with staff
Global security analytics and incident trends

SCAAN Dashboard

  • Sends notifications to alert staff of potential threats or risks
  • Expedites headcount of staff during an emergency
  • Records live updates and communications from field staff
  • Captures and maps emerging threats such as disaster alerts
  • Enables direct communication between staff and security personnel

SCAAN Mobile App

  • Provides contextualized updates on emerging threats and critical incidents
  • Allows staff to be geolocated when travelling in high risk zones
  • Enables staff to quickly alert security personnel if in danger
  • Facilitates travel clearance submission